Change your breakfast and get ready to take on the day

A full breakfast plate.

Breakfast is probably the meal that you give the least amount of thought to. You’re busy, running out the door, or being thrown straight into the workday. The last thing you want to do is spend time cooking a healthy breakfast.

You grab a protein bar, banana, or breakfast sandwich from the Starbucks drive-thru on your drive into the office. You eat it in a rush while checking your emails or during your standup.

I hate to break it to you but not only is this a bad way to start your day but it’s also an unhealthy way to…

Why our businesses don’t succeed and what we can do about it

If you’re anything like me you grew up starting many different businesses, trying to sell anything to anyone. When I was in elementary school you could find me on the neighborhood street corner selling cups of Minute Maid lemonade to whoever drove by. Starting in middle school I started baking my own dog cookies and creating flyers for my dad to hang up in his workplace. I sewed custom dog sweaters for my friends’ pups.

You could say I was a serial entrepreneur by the age of 16. …

Here’s what you need to succeed in this role

When hiring, finding someone that has the right technical skills is often the easiest part. You can tell whether someone knows SQL or not by giving them a 30 minute CoderPad test. You know a person will be successful at performing analyses if they give a clear presentation of their findings. However, it can be a lot harder to find someone with the right qualitative skills.

If a data engineer and a data analyst had a baby, it would be an analytics engineer. Analytics engineers work on building out the data pipeline in an organization, specifically focusing on data warehousing…

What they are filled with and safer options to replace your current one

The average person will spend nearly 229,961 hours total in their lifetime sleeping. This means at least 200,000 of these hours are spend lying on your mattress. Now what if I told you that same mattress could be killing you slowly?

Us humans used to sleep every night on the cold, hard ground. Can you imagine? Over time we slowly upgraded to mattresses, ones filled with feathers, horse hair, wool, and cotton. Then came the invention of synthetics and everything went downhill. Isn’t that how it mostly went once we discovered man-made chemicals and materials?

The problem with most mattresses

One of the more popular…

Why women shouldn’t do it and research is biased towards men

We hear so many fitness influencers ravings about intermittent fasting. People swear by it! At one point, I did too.

The idea behind intermittent fasting is that you only eat during a small window of a few hours. During the time where you’re not eating, your body has ample time to break down and properly digest all of your food.

It also allows the body to go through something called autophagy, a process that kills off dying cells and is known to prevent neurodegeneration. …

How you can stand out from others and pass every time

Is there anything more intimidating than live coding in front of someone during an interview? I think not.

I used to be so frightened of live coding interviews. So much so that, for a while, that’s what prevented me from finding a new job. I didn’t want to have to study complex algorithms and computer science “riddles” that nobody uses in their day-to-day job just to land a new role.

This just didn’t feel like an efficient use of my time when I could be grinding away at real-world projects instead.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and started applying for…

Changing environmental habit cues and facing the root causes of my behavior were necessary for changing how I used food

Whenever I was stressed at work, I would walk into my apartment at the end of the day and head straight for the cabinet to get a chocolate bar or bag of chips. I’d end up eating the entire bag because I was so hungry and anxious. It was the only thing that made me feel better!

While this is a hard thing to admit, many people use binge eating to cope with stressful aspects of their life. After all, processed snacks are designed to release dopamine and make us feel better in the short term.

Food scientists combine fat…

Research shows it helps fight cancer and brain disease

While I am an avid coffee lover (I can’t skip my morning cup), I’ve recently been encouraged to drink more matcha due to the numerous positive effects it has on one’s health.

Luckily, I’ve always really enjoyed matcha. Some people say the taste is too earthy for them but I think it is quite delicious. If you haven't tried it yet, after reading this article, you’ll be convinced you have to!

So, what exactly is matcha anyways?

Matcha is a powder made by grounding down green tea leaves. The tea leaves used are shade-grown for weeks before being picked and…

Office Hours

Is it analytics? Is it engineering? What do these people do?

A few months ago I decided to officially dive into a career change and look for a new job. After weeks of browsing through job postings on LinkedIn, trying to find a role that peaked my interest, I kept noticing a pattern.

While I was working as a data engineer at the time, I wanted more opportunities to be creative and work closely with business teams. My skills didn’t quite fit that of a data analyst but I also didn’t want a traditional data engineer role.

That’s when I came across the analytics engineer.

All the job postings that I…

Follow this advice and you are set to live a healthy, happy life.

In the last six or seven million years, at least 10 different species of humans have existed. Four million years ago we evolved to walk upright, learning to survive in wood and grassy terrains. Millions of years of evolution have led us to how we function right now. Pretty crazy isn’t it?

In many ways, modern life has disconnected us from the very things that have kept us alive for so many years. Our brains developed to be nearly three pounds because of how we ate and interacted in social groups, not because of modern agriculture or social media.


Madison Schott

Analytics Engineer @ Winc, health & wellness enthusiast, you can find me with my nose in a book or working out

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