How to set up automatic payments to savings and investment accounts

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What I’ve done to increase self-awareness and become a better person

Woman meditating during sunset
Woman meditating during sunset
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Stop eating junk food and start eating foods that fuel you

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When to use each with examples of from popular sources

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Your guide to analytics engineering and the tool that created it

Workers building a house
Workers building a house
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Where to shop, different thought strategies, and habits to ditch

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Part of my project to reverse my low energy meant a deep dive into my nighttime routines—and it made a big impact

Person resting on the beach.
Person resting on the beach.
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A guide to what to look for in a coffee and the positive impacts it can have on your daily life

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· Coffee Quality
· Benefits of Coffee
1. Enhances concentration
2. Decreases depression
3. Protects the brain
· My recommendation

My own experience and how it leads to greater growth

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Madison Schott

Analytics Engineer @ Winc, health & wellness enthusiast, you can find me with my nose in a book or working out

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